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About the Gallery at the Hotel St. Nicholas

Bringing the unique and unusual to Cripple Creek

The Gallery at the Hotel St. Nicholas is not only a place where guests can purchase hotel and Boiler Room Tavern related items. We also feature the work of local artists from the Pikes Peak and Front Range area. Feel free to browse the gallery. Paintings and mosaics that are displayed on the lower level of the Hotel St. Nicholas are available for purchase. Please see a staff member if you are interested in the individual artist or if you’d like to buy a piece.

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This is just a sampling. Artwork and artists subject to change

Glass Mosaic by Eric Preble

Eric takes old window frames and broken glass and creates one of a kind mosaics. Sizes range from small to large. He is also available for commission work.

Wire Wrap Creations by Twisted & Wired

Twisted and Wired creates wearable art using natural gemstones, including Cripple Creek turquoise. An eclectic mix of faceted and rough stones, set in copper and sterling silver


Toetography captures both stunning local vistas and mountain life. A Cripple Creek resident, Toe is also available for portraiture and your special event.

Native Arts by Nita

In addition to her unusual smudge feathers, Nita also makes ceremonial drums using natural hides.